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Bleeding During Pregnancy

Bleeding During Pregnancy—What are the Causes?

There are many reasons a pregnant woman might experience vaginal bleeding, all of them disconcerting to the mother-to-be. However, sometimes bleeding during pregnancy is just the bodies way of reacting to its new state or getting used to what is happening. Then, there are cases when bleeding during pregnancy signals that something is very wrong and immediate healthcare should be sought. Regardless, every pregnant woman needs to know what bleeding during their pregnancy might mean so they can be prepared.

Implantation Bleeding

Many times in early pregnancy there is implantation bleeding. This means that when the fertilized egg is making its home on the uterine wall a woman might experience light bleeding in pregnancy that could be mistaken for her period. Simply take a pregnancy test to ensure you are pregnant and if worried call your doctor. This is very normal and not a sign anything is wrong with the pregnancy.


Sometimes bleeding signals miscarriage, although half of the women who bleed during pregnancy go on to have a healthy pregnancy. Regardless, if you are bleeding and believe fetal tissue is also present you should have that examined by your doctor and also be examined yourself. Most miscarriages occur in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and it is simply the bodies way of dealing with a pregnancy that was not normal.

Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is another reason a woman might experience bleeding during pregnancy. When the fertilized egg implants in the fallopian tube or anywhere outside the uterus it might burst causing pain and bleeding. If you have these symptoms as well as pain in your right shoulder see your doctor immediately.

Late Pregnancy

If you are bleeding during late pregnancy it is likely your cervix is inflamed or else there are growths on your cervix causing light bleeding. Of course, you would want to have your doctor examine this, but this is normally the case.

Placenta Previa

Another cause of vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is placenta previa. This is a condition where the placenta is low covering the cervix partially or completely. This situation requires immediate medical attention.


Just before you begin labor it is very common to pass a bit of blood and mucus. This is normal and as long as you are within a couple weeks of your due date it is not a problem.

There may be other reasons or infirmities that might cause bleeding during pregnancy. No matter if you are bleeding lightly or heavily it is worthwhile to seek medical attention. If the bleeding is normal then the doctor will assure you of this and you will feel more relaxed. If the bleeding is not normal then immediate action may be taken.

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