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Earliest Signs of Pregnancy

Earliest Sign of Pregnancy ó What You Should Be Looking For

There are many signs of pregnancy and frequently they vary from woman to woman. Sometimes, women donít experience many symptoms at all and may not even notice while other women have all of the symptoms that make daily life difficult. Regardless, if you think you might be pregnant and have any or all of the following eight signs then you just might be pregnant and should take a pregnancy test.

Pregnancy Sign #1 Tender Breast
Frequently when women become pregnant they notice their breasts are significantly more tender. Also, breasts become fuller and heavier and this is noticed readily by women. Many times the areolas of the breast begin to enlarge around 2 weeks after conception making pregnancy a dead giveaway.

Pregnancy Sign #2 Spotting
Many times women experience light to heavy spotting when they become pregnant due to implantation bleeding. As the fertilized egg burrows into the lining of the uterus blood vessels are broken and spotting occurs. Most of the time this blood is light pink to brown and should look different than your regular period. This blood might also be tinged with a yellowish discharge.

Pregnancy Sign #3 Exhaustion
Fatigue and exhaustion even after a good nightís rest is a pretty good sign of early pregnancy. The body is responding to its new state and that will make you feel as if you just canít keep your eyes open.

Pregnancy Sign #4 Nausea
What is known as ďmorning sicknessĒ can strike at any time so you might just want to consider it as nausea. It might be light nausea and something you can handle by not thinking of it until it passes or else it might be so severe you need to hang out in the bathroom until is passes. However, there are many women that never experience nausea during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Sign #5 Increased Urination
All of a sudden find yourself running to the little ladyís room more often than usual? This is a sign of early pregnancy and many women experience this symptom. Also, this symptom will return towards the end of the pregnancy as well.

Pregnancy Sign #6 Bloating
Frequently mistaken as PMS, bloating is also a sign of early pregnancy. If you experience bloating and then donít get your period you should take a home pregnancy test.

Pregnancy Sign #7 Food Cravings
Even from day one food cravings may crop up. So, if you have a hankering for oranges even if you donít like them or hungry for red meat even if vegan then you just might be pregnant.

Pregnancy Sign #8 Stretching Ligaments
As the uterus begins to grow the pelvic ligaments must stretch out to accommodate the new baby. So, sometimes women can feel this stretching as an early pregnancy sign.

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