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Early Pregnancy Tests

Detect Early With Early Pregnancy Tests

Early pregnancy tests are becoming more and more popular because women want to know right away if they are pregnant or not. With all the fertility technology today, there are women and men out there that just donít want to wait until the next menstrual cycle to find out if they are pregnant, and now early pregnancy tests can determine much earlier. Early pregnancy tests have become increasingly sensitive over the past few years, allowing women to test just days after conception now.

All pregnancy tests detect a hormone called hcG that is only present while a woman is pregnant. A few years ago the most sensitive tests were not nearly as sensitive as some of the tests are today. While doctors still have the most sensitive early pregnancy tests, there are some highly accurate and sensitive ones that regular people can buy in the stores and even on the Internet. These early pregnancy tests give women the option to test early at home and begin planning for their pregnancy and baby before they ever visit a doctor.

There are two types of early pregnancy tests, the midstream early pregnancy tests and the test strip pregnancy tests. Midstream pregnancy tests are the ones that you would buy off the shelves of your store. Midstream early pregnancy tests are easy to use as you just unwrap them and simply hold them in a stream of urine and within minutes you will be given results. Test strip style early pregnancy tests are just small strips that doctors usually have that enable them to hold the strip into a test cup of urine, and typically within five minute accurate results are provided.

Most early pregnancy tests will tell you on the package just how sensitive they are and when you can begin testing with them. Some of the more sensitive early pregnancy tests available in the stores are EPT, Answer, and Walgreens brand pregnancy tests. Though these tests may allow you to tests within five to ten days after conception, there are more sensitive tests to be found. If you are going through fertility treatments, your doctor may actually give you some very sensitive test strip early pregnancy tests so that you can begin testing as early as five days after ovulation. Otherwise, there are many resources on the Internet that will provide you with very sensitive early pregnancy tests for bargain prices.

Early pregnancy tests are very convenient for doctors and patients as they give results as early on as possible. The early you know that you are pregnant, the sooner you can take steps to ensure that your pregnancy is a healthy one. Early pregnancy tests are affordable and just make more sense than waiting days and even weeks longer to find out if you are indeed pregnant!

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