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Molar Pregnancy

Molar Pregnancy — What You Need to Know

Most pregnancies result in a healthy baby, however there are some pregnancies like a molar pregnancy that is doomed from the start. A molar pregnancy occurs when something goes wrong when the egg and sperm unite and the placenta is abnormal as a result. A molar pregnancy is very rare, yet a severe complication of pregnancy.

Types of Molar Pregnanices
There are two type of molar pregnancies including a complete molar pregnancy and a partial molar pregnany. The complete molar pregnancy occurs when the sperm fertilizes an egg that is not fertile. Then only parts of the placenta develop and no baby develops. However, the chemical HCG is present in the woman’s blood so she believes she is really pregnant with a baby and not just a placenta. However, in time an ultrasound will show there is no baby and the woman will likely be devastated.

The partial molar pregnancy occurs when one egg is fertilized by two sperm. In this case twins would normally develop, however this does not take place with a partial mole pregnancy and something goes wrong with the fetus and the placenta. Because of the abnormal fetus with too many chromosomes the baby almost always dies en utero. Doctors so this is an accident of nature and there is nothing a couple can do to reduce the riks of a molar pregnancy. However, molar pregnancies are more common after a miscarriage, although have occurred after a regular delivery and after tubal pregnancies as well.

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