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Pregnancy Diet

Pregnancy Diet ó It is More Important Than You Think

Choosing a healthy diet while you are pregnant is important for your overall health, that of the developing baby, and also to help you maintain a healthy weight. Any healthy pregnancy diet includes plenty of fruits and grains, protein, and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins to ensure mom and baby are getting enough nutrients. However, there are some things that you should strictly avoid while pregnant and some of these may come as a surprise to you.

What to Avoid Eating While Pregnant

Junk food should really be avoided during pregnancy because it offers very little if any nutritional value to you and your baby and plenty of empty calories that will lead to weight gain. Of course, every now and then you might eat a doughnut or some ice cream because your cravings are so strong, however try and focus on fruits and other healthy snacks when you are having cravings.

Alcohol and caffeine are two other things that should be strictly avoided while pregnant. Most women donít drink when they are pregnant, but they donít consider that chocolate filled with liquors actually has alcohol content that might affect their baby. Also, caffeine is in cola, coffee, and chocolate and it should be kept to a minimum. The reason both of these things should be avoided is because the reduce the calcium in your bones and decrease the absorption of folic acid and iron for the baby. Both of these elements are crucial to a healthy baby so do your best to keep off the caffeine.

Lots of fatty foods should be avoided as well. The more fat you eat the more weight you will gain, the higher your cholesterol will be, and it might even affect your blood pressure. So, eat a normal and well balanced meal three times a day and try to keep fat to a minimum. You will still get enough fat to nourish you and your baby as almost all foods have at least some fat.

Avoid Dieting

A pregnancy diet is very important for your health and that of your baby so you need to eat a healthy diet for the entire 9 months. This means quitting any of those fad diets you have been on, any supplements you might be taking to lose weight, and the whole concept that any food group like fats or carbohydrates should be eliminated from your diet. If you want a healthy baby then you will eat well and as long as you are eating well you wonít gain too much weight. That means that you can follow a normal diet, nourish yourself and your baby, and not have too much weight to lose afterwards!

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