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Pregnancy Exercises

Pregnancy Exercises to Keep You in Shape

If you are pregnant then you certainly want to keep in shape during your pregnancy to stay healthy, however you might not be aware of the many different types of exercises that are designed especially for pregnant women. To the surprise of many women some standard pregnancy exercises are actually harmful during a pregnancy, so it is really important to learn pregnancy appropriate exercises. Also, exercising while pregnant is very important because it will build muscle, increase endurance, and your strength which will all be needed when you are carrying around that extra weight and giving birth.

Best Exercises During Pregnancy
For general fitness walking and swimming are great options during a pregnancy and activities most women are able to engage in. Also, these increase your heart rate, build muscle, and there is little room for injury in either of these exercises. These are the best exercises for women who have not been exercising before their pregnancy or who are not in the greatest of shape. Pregnant women in great shape might consider other exercises like yoga, pilates, weight training, and even jogging. However these are for advanced athletes and pregnant women in general should exercise, yet take it easy.

Exercises to Avoid in Pregnancy
There are some exercises and activities that should be strictly avoided by women who are pregnant. These include horseback riding, water-skiing, skating, rollerblading, and other similar sports. Basically, when pregnant you want to avoid all sports that might allow you to take a hard fall and put your pregnancy at risk. Bicycling should also be avoided after the second trimester because there is a potential you might fall and even experienced cyclists should take a break from this sport.

Starting an Exercise Routine
Many women exercise on a regular basis, but then there are those women who like to sit back and relax the majority of the time and when they get pregnant realize the importance of exercise. You can start an exercise program while you are pregnant, but you really should consult your doctor first. If you are approved for exercising then you will probably need to keep sessions under 30 minutes and walk or swim. Starting an exercise program when pregnant is ok as long as you donít start any exercises that are on the list to avoid.

Remember, when you exercise while pregnant you should take it easy as well. Short workout sessions can get you in shape just as well as long involved ones. And, since you are pregnant, you will tire quicker and need to rest on a regular basis. So, work out and stay healthy and have a great pregnancy, but donít take it too far.

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