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Stages of Pregnancy

The Exciting Stages Of Pregnancy

There are many stages of pregnancy, and with each stage there are significant differences with the way youíll feel, and also with the development of your baby. Experiencing the different stages of pregnancy is exciting, and sometimes a bit trying, but itís definitely a learning experience! While the stages of pregnancy are technically the same each time, no pregnancy is exactly the same as others.

The first of the stages of pregnancy would be the first trimester. The first trimester usually goes by quite quickly because youíre usually a couple weeks in before you even learn that you are pregnant. Then, you are so busy processing the idea that you are actually pregnant that itís over before you know it. Feeling tired usually marks this first stage, even nauseous and many women experience a drastic increase in appetite. Your body is undergoing huge changes even if you donít know it, youíll likely see breast changes and youíll probably start experiencing the need to urinate frequently. At the start of this first of the stages of pregnancy your baby will be nothing more than a mass of cells organizing themselves, but at the end of this first trimester your baby will be the size of a cherry with a heartbeat, reflexes, and tiny little limbs!

One of the most exciting stages of pregnancy would be the second trimester. The second trimester is filled with increased growth of your baby as well as a realization that you really are going to have a baby. For mom, the second stage of pregnancy may be filled with scatterbrained thoughts, trouble sleeping, but an excitement as you can feel the baby move and your belly starts to show. Mom and Dad will want to start considering breastfeeding or bottle-feeding and other logistical issues as well. The baby will be growing rapidly and is covered by fine hair. At the end of the second trimester, or the completion of the first and second stages of pregnancy, your baby will be ten inches long, will be developing his or her senses, and will even practice kicking movements.

The third and last of the stages of pregnancy is one that might be the most uncomfortable, but is also filled with excitement and anticipation. The pregnant mother may experience clear skin, fast growing hair, and may feel hot all the time due to hormones. Your baby will be just about full grown, he or she will just gain a bit more weight and fill out a bitóthe finishing touches. The pregnant belly is usually really large at this point, looking as though it may burst! Itís an uncomfortable time, but the excitement overshadows the discomfort more often than not, and getting ready for baby will keep mom from worrying about the aches and pains too much.

As you can see, the stages of pregnancy all hold unique periods of growth for mom and baby. While nine months seems like a long time, these three stages of pregnancy go by quite quickly!

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