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Twin Pregnancy

What To Expect With A Twin Pregnancy

A twin pregnancy is probably something that crosses every womanís mind at some point during her pregnancy. While most of us will not experience a twin birth, a lot of us know someone or at least know of someone who has experienced a twin pregnancy. With all the fertility treatments now available, the twin pregnancy is becoming more common than it once was, so you never know. And, despite what some may think, you do not need to have a family history or fertility treatment to have a twin pregnancy!

A twin pregnancy is one where there are two fetuses developing within the uterus at the same time. A twin pregnancy can be one of two types, identical or fraternal. Identical twins occur when the same fertilized egg divides into two pieces, with matching DNA, and then both continue to develop normally. A fraternal twin pregnancy occurs when two eggs are released and fertilized at the same time. While most pregnancies are just one child, there are a good number, about one in ninety five births, which are twins!

A twin pregnancy is something that can be genetic, or passed down through a family generation after generation. Despite a common conception, twins are not passed genetically through the father, but actually through the mother. A twin pregnancy is also more likely if there is a history of non-identical twins in a family on the motherís side, though itís not a guarantee that there will be twins.

While a twin pregnancy may be twice the excitement, some also contend that it also brings twice the trouble. Many women that get pregnant with twins experience a dramatically worse morning sickness experience, because there are even more hormones. Also, many women struggle with weight gain as they are very hungry, and increased blood pressure due to pressure and strain on the body. A twin pregnancy is also more likely to land a mother in bed rest due to pre-term labor. Often times, with a twin pregnancy even bed rest cannot stop labor, 20-50% of all twin pregnancies are delivered pre-term. Growth retardation is also quite common in a twin pregnancy, where one or both babies will be born a lot smaller than is usual.

A twin pregnancy can be exciting, but there is also so much to consider because itís different and so much to prepare for. Itís not that being pregnant with twins isnít a wonderful thing, because it really is, it can just be very overwhelming! With good prenatal care, a twin pregnancy is usually diagnosed right around sixteen weeks or before, which allows the expectant parents adequate time to get used to the idea and get prepared for both babies!

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